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The pandemic has all of us on edge. For those of you who can ride through this, I want to bring you a series of exercises. These are mostly pattern based, and require enough concentration to take the mind off the happenings in the world, without being too taxing. They invite the rider to lose themselves in the ring figures, and take a mental vacation. The first exercise is this: Begin by riding a 20m circle, at the end of the 20m circle, ride a 10m circle, then continue on the 20m circle line, and when you approach the next quarter point of the circle, ride another circle. Continue this pattern until you have created four 10m circles within a 20m circle. Then ride another 20m circle. When you complete that, ride a change of rein through the circle, then another 20m circle in the new direction. Repeat the series of four 10m circles within the 20m circle. Then finish with another complete 20m circle. The exercise works best if you place cones to mark the quarter points of the circle, as well as a cone at X to make sure your 10m circles are correctly shaped. Try to ride as close to the cone at X as possible, or your 10m circles will be too big or too small.

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