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School Horses


Mary Jane

Mary Jane is a 2010 Morgan/Arabian mare.  She was born in Wisconsin, and came to Vermont in 2018. She has shown in dressage through first level, and will move up to second level in 2021. She is full of personality, and definitely thinks she owns the place! She is owned by Julianna O'Flaherty.



Lydia is a 2003 Morgan mare.  Lydia and Mary Jane were born on the same farm in Wisconsin, and they are half-sisters. She is a solid citizen who is happy with beginners and more advanced riders.  Lydia loves treats, but is such a beggar that she should only be fed from a bucket! Her hobbies are letting her mane blow in the wind, and eating grass. She is owned by our wonderful client Scott!



Ongie is a 2012 curly horse mare.  Ongie is our most recent addition to the Synchrony Dressage herd. She has a teddy bear personality and loves treats and cuddles. She loves time with the big kids as well as the beginners. She is often fondly referred to as a curly fry due to her small stature and unique coat. She enjoys ripping around the fields and playing with the automatic waterer. 



Fox is a 1998 Appendix Quarter Horse gelding. At just 3 years old Fox joined Freedom Farm to hopefully become a lesson horse, and after some time in training, that’s exactly what he became. Fox spends most of his days now with beginners of all ages. With his slow, steady trot, he makes it easy for any age rider to learn on. Fox is a bit odd in that he often gets the hiccups, but don’t worry, he’s perfectly fine even when his body has a little shake.



Moe is a 1996 Warmblood cross gelding. Moe is a former intercollegiate school horse who has been at Freedom Farm since 2013. He loves attention and is a barn favorite, everyone just loves his big bouncy trot. He’s always good for a laugh when he jiggles his lips as you tighten his girth. Just be careful, he sometimes confuses fingers for treats, and should be fed from a bucket. Moe has recently entered his retirement and enjoys teaching kids how to groom and where to scratch the horses!





Gus is a 2003 American Saddlebred. Gus joined Freedom Farm in 2018 when he was rescued from a neglect situation. At a couple hundred pounds underweight Jolene and Sandy had no idea if he would live or if he was sound enough to ever be ridden again, but they knew he wasn’t going to stay where he was. He would start very light work 6 months later and do his first lessons two months after that. Gus is trained to ride and drive, and is a former 5 gaited saddlebred. Gus is wonderful to work around and has a super cute habit of crossing his front legs to scratch them instead of stretching his long neck down and using his nose.

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